Sunday, 13 November 2011

Vitro must pay for all Environmental Crimes

Vaal Triangle is a home to many industries especially steel, petrol chemicals, fertilers, cement and textiles. The environmental problems arises due to this industries are water, air and waste.Vaal Environmental Justice Alliance received a complain from communities living in steelpark near a mine called Vitro. Vitro is one of many mining companies in Vaal Trianle and is operating an open cast mining in Veneering mining Clay to produce ceramic tiles .VEJA has been receiving complains from surrounding area about their emissions that come from their manufacturing plant, dust and water that is being discharge to an open pit next to steelpark community. 

VEJA found out that this company operating without Environmental Management Plan, with out water use licences and it seems as if these operations has not been monitored by the authorities. In nfour meetings of Rietspruit Water Forum VEJA questioned these mining operations that is trying its level best to run away from compliance. Vitro tried their level best to fool authoriries and community by denying all this alligations. Through the assistance of the communities VEJA manage to find an illegal discharging pipe. In the Rietspruit Forum that was held on the 8 October 2011 again the questions were about the illegal pipe was asked in front of Vitro and again it denied.
Stream that take water to the river Rietspruit River
A tip from a community member lead VEJA into to the illegal discharging pipe and took pictures to show to Department of Water affairs to investigate this mining company. We are  demanding full investigations of non compliance, Vitro must pay for all environmental crimes they have caused.
Vitro discharging water without water use licence


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